Finding a reliable staffing agency can be difficult, considering there are multiple factors involved in hiring. From finding suitable candidates, keeping track of them throughout the candidate journey, and onboarding, the process can be pretty tedious.

As employment trends continue to fluctuate, working with the appropriate staffing agency is a key factor in retaining talent and keeping companies fully staffed at all times. Staffing agencies not only provide placement for current openings, but they also can assist with temporary work for organizations that are nervous about committing to full-time employees.

At MVP Staffing, our role is to make the right choice for the company looking to hire, and we do this by understanding all of the factors that come with the position looking to be filled. That includes obtaining key industry knowledge upon the initial inquiry, creating the job listing, and the overall hiring process. The most important thing to consider is how successful the hire is and how well that hire fits with the needs at hand.

Our concise recruitment strategies allow us to make smart hiring decisions for our clients and give them the best return on their investments. MVP is the company that takes into account all sides of the job search, hire, and longevity of a hire. We achieve this by utilizing the latest technology, building lasting relationships, and providing a full back office suite of human resources needs. Our overall goal is to create a sustainable strategy that enables every open role to the company’s standards looking to fill the position.

Collaboration is Everything

As a staffing partner, we believe understanding our client’s needs to fill the position is extremely important and will essentially help us find the ideal new hire to join the team. Throughout the process, we communicate with our clients to make for a stronger connection with the client, the hire, and the company’s reputation. We make it our duty to speak with every person involved in the job posting and the candidate’s specific requirements to understand how to handle the open position and create the client’s best listing.

We understand it’s a competitive market, which is why our industry-specific recruiters conduct in-depth research on the surrounding businesses to understand how things are run, including salaries, shift times, the demographic of who is being hired, and what they are offering to their employees. Our findings help us discover tactical points to help attract qualified candidates to the client’s current job openings.

Attract Top Tier Talent

Opt Into Technology

With such a vast range of tools to connect with qualified candidates, it’s easy for anyone on the hunt for new talent to become overwhelmed. Discovering the appropriate social platforms or job boards to source candidates and build a healthy pipeline should always be the number one priority of the staffing partner. This allows the company to connect with the best candidates and save time on the overall hiring process.

At MVP we utilize the latest technology to cast the widest net and connect with active and
passive job seekers within our client’s industry and network. Whether they need to staff a 24/7 production line or identify a C-Level executive, MVP is prepared to rise to the occasion. To help our clients gain maximum exposure on their job openings, we include their roles on our personalized app, our hub for current, past, and future employees. The MVP app gives an inside look at our client’s open positions and allows jobseekers to share opportunities by joining our referral program.

Provide Additional HR Needs

Every client deserves a staffing partner that has their back. When it comes to the legalities of establishing a hiring protocol, processing payroll, and tackling worker’s compensation struggles, the human resource department has a lot on its plate. The ideal staffing agency should act as an extension to the client’s business and help keep the production line moving should any abrupt changes happen.

While working with MVP, our clients receive additional assistance in any or all back-office needs in addition to building long-lasting teams.

Easy and Simple Service

The number one challenge our clients face is not having enough time. Timing is everything when adding new members to a team, and the right staffing partner will understand that. Whether a client is hoping to find the best candidate for a hard-to-fill role or they need someone within a specific deadline, the staffing agency is responsible for matching the client with qualified candidates prepared to take on the job.

Take the hassle out of sourcing candidates with the help of MVP Staffing. We lean on resources that will help move candidates throughout the hiring process quickly, from making the initial connection and setting up the interview to training and onboarding. We understand how important it is to get someone hired quickly, and we enjoy being the bridge to top-tier talent and organizations looking to recruit. Building lasting relationships with our clients and employees has allowed us to staff multiple companies across the U.S.

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