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How AI Can Help Improve The Recruitment Process

The overall hiring process has multiple moving parts, which often can cause extreme bias and unethical choices when making a hiring decision. Typically, the recruitment process involves a team of recruiters that purge job boards and look over applications to find the ideal candidate. The team of recruiters or “hiring committee” usually consists of a range of people from talent acquisition to leadership. This group of people comes from various backgrounds and walks of life, resulting in different beliefs and perspectives and sometimes creating poor biased hiring choices.

Unethical decisions made during the hiring process are the number one reason companies are noticing a lack of diversity in leadership and the organization as a whole. So how can we fix this problem? One way may be by working with staffing firms that utilize AI to make smart hiring choices. Researchers in the recruitment industry discuss how artificial intelligence can help bridge the diversity gap at organizations and create productive work environments across the world.

By implementing appropriate, ethical, and responsible AI throughout the hiring process, companies can reduce and eliminate the unconscious bias seen when reviewing a job applicant’s information, selecting candidates to interview, making assessments, or conducting interviews.

The MVP Staffing app allows all applicants to apply for roles and move through the application process quickly. We use AI to screen applicants before they move on to candidates. We understand that time is valuable, and this process allows job seekers to decide if the role is the best fit for them, and it allows our recruiters to ask the necessary requirements upfront. The last thing we want is to build a relationship with a candidate only to find out they are missing specific requirements needed to offer them a role.

Our screening process consists of a series of questions that helps applicants create a profile within our portal. This profile allows job seekers to take a screenshot of their skills, experience, work preferences, and more. Applicants can also attach any additional documents about their work history to help them stand out, like resumes, cover letters, certificates, etc.

Our app organically pulls skills and work preferences from the job seeker’s profile to notify them of roles that match their interests and tells recruiters of qualified candidates within the system. Overall our app helps discover the best fit for both the job seeker’s wants and employer’s needs. The most productive teams are the happiest ones, and our primary goal is to help organizations build diverse teams of qualified candidates that get the job done.

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