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Improving Customer Support by Hiring Additional Temporary Staff

As today’s businesses find themselves open 24/7 while operating on tighter budgets, customer support remains of vital strategic importance and one of their biggest challenges.
All too often a company wants to upgrade customer service but, given the enormous investment hiring permanent employees entails, resources may simply not be available. However, a viable and cost-effective solution is available: engaging temporary staff to meet customer support needs.
A recurring scenario for hiring temporary staff to meet demand for customer service is of course the Christmas season holidays for retail industries. But other businesses have their peak periods too; for example, March and the first half of April are busy times for accountants. Insurance adjusters are in great demand following catastrophic natural events like hurricanes or tornadoes. Instead of being overwhelmed by these external pressures, businesses can meet customer support challenges with careful planning and the strategic use of temporary staff.
Another benefit of engaging temporary staff is the opportunity for businesses to cull superior talent from the temporary labor pool chaff without a long-term commitment to personnel. When searching for permanent work force additions, companies can “test-drive” temporary staff to find the best fit for a more enduring professional relationship. Moreover, when utilizing temporary work force from a staffing agency, businesses invariably find that the costs of integrating permanent employees into their workplace are lower if the staff is trained on a “temp” or “temp-to-hire” basis.
At Offshore, we provide our clients with the human resources they need to succeed, both now and for future growth. With flexible and creative recruiting and staffing solutions tailored to the requirements of the individual company, we respond to our client’s workforce challenges quickly and efficiently. Offshore can even administer an on-site concierge presence for businesses that utilize a large volume of temporary workforce, serving as a human resources department managing and evaluating job assignments and task performance.
ARTICLE SOURCE: Offsore Staffing

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