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Safety Newsletter 1

Safety in the workplace is one of the most important conversations to have with employees. Unsafe conditions can ultimately be costly, not only to the company, but to the staff as well.Here at MVP Staffing we make safety our number one priority and we have the data to prove it.

Closure Ratio (MVP Staffing):

Everyone in the workplace wants to be in a safe and protected environment. Remember, safe workers are loyal workers. We always want to have open doors for new talent, but holding on to great employees and taking care of them is important as well.

Offer Onsite Assistance

A team with a skillful leader will reduce workplace injuries. No one wants to experience chaos while on the work floor, however should a dangerous situation arise, dedicating a trusted/seasoned professional to address the error quickly and efficiently keeps the workflow going and gives employees a sense of safety and accountability from the company.

When sourcing employees for a role, we scout talent that is beneficial for the company long-term. It’s important to have a great leader to promote leadership, it’s also crucial to have a team that is willing to learn and take direction from others.

Encourage Protective Wear

Employees should ALWAYS wear head-to-toe protective gear on the floor in a manufacturing facility. At MVP Staffing we make it our duty to ensure our customer is aware of the importance of safety protective gear and we work with them to ensure the employees have the appropriate attire to complete the job at hand.

Protect Work Equipment

Equipment protection is just as important as protective wear. Proper installation of machinery and guarding specific areas will prevent unwanted issues later down the line. Guarding specific areas with signs or boards notifies employees that they should be careful when accessing the area and installing machinery properly prevents careless mishaps of an employee being injured.

Work Exercises

Posture can prevent long term issues later down the line. Realistically you spend anywhere between eight to 12 hours on a job.

Something we tend to forget about as humans is that protecting your body at all times and understanding the proper way to lift or move items keeps employees safe and healthy while on the job. Learning proper movement techniques can protect your body for years to come.

Based on the industry, you will spend the majority of your time either sitting, standing or lifting. Promoting work exercises teaches employees the proper way to move their body when handling heavy objects and it also gives them the opportunity to learn new ways to keep their body strong and healthy while on the job.

Consider Mental Health

Work can be stressful, we get it. Understanding an employees workload and work pressure is extremely important for the morale of the company and mental health of the employee. It’s a known fact that an unhappy employee can develop lead to depression, anxiety and other unwanted health complications. Being considerate of mental health and promoting a healthy work life balance lowers turnover rates and reduces cost to the business.

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