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3 Tips For Companies Prepping For Peak Hiring Season

As we approach Thanksgiving and winter holidays, work internally begins to slow down, but externally companies are trying to figure out unique ways to attract new faces and team players. With loads of work needing to be done to end the year out strong, how do businesses handle sourcing bandwidth through candidates to fill their hiring needs?

HR managers don’t necessarily have the time to post open roles and recruit qualified candidates between completing budgets, submitting reports, approving vacation, and closing out contracts. This is why partnering with an industry-specific staffing firm will benefit any company experiencing a hiring peak. Here are a few ways a recruitment partner can help you navigate the hiring season with ease this year.

  1. We always stay 10 steps ahead

    • The beauty in partnering with a staffing firm is that we can put a hiring strategy in place that takes care of Q1 and put tactics in place for organizations looking to hire the following month or quarter. Keep in mind that the hiring process takes a bit of time. From sourcing the right candidates, deciding who to interview, making an offer, and getting them onboard – the overall process can sometimes take about a month or two to complete. Partnering with a staffing firm helps you save time attracting top prospects.
  2. We keep track of the numbers

    • How often do you follow up with job seekers that applied in the past? Keeping track of those candidates can be difficult, and we get it. A staffing partner maintains a database of how many applicants viewed or applied to roles, how many were interviewed, and how many were actually hired. We create a list of candidates with the best credentials that match your hiring needs. Within this list, the right staffing partner can help you build a pool of passive and active job seekers to help streamline your hiring process.
  3. We have an extensive network

    • Most staffing firms have access to the best platforms to source top-tier candidates, from social media outreach, email marketing campaigns, and even industry-specific applicant tracking systems. The right staffing firm can bring organizations over 100 job seekers to fill their vacant positions with the most qualified talent in the industry.

Let MVP Staffing help you hire with a breeze this holiday season

As we welcome 2022 with open arms, don’t forget your hiring process will guide you throughout the year. Need help? MVP Staffing is a trusted staffing firm with over 20 years of experience focused on helping organizations build elite teams that get the job done. Contact us today to learn more!

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