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Do You Have The Right Staffing Partner?

So you’re looking for a staffing partner to help recruit qualified candidates, but how do you know which staffing firm will bring you the best results? Your staffing partner should be able to provide your company with a concise plan for your recruitment needs and take the hassle out of your staffing process. Here are a few ways to determine the best staffing partner for your business.


Technology has changed dramatically since its inception and has benefited businesses in multiple ways. With so many different platforms to gain exposure for active jobseekers, recruiters can cast the widest net and build a credible pipeline of qualified candidates by utilizing online recruitment tools.

MVP Staffing uses a cutting edge applicant tracking system that quickly moves applicants through to qualified candidates. Our customizable software helps HR managers with employee retention by keeping candidates engaged throughout the entire hiring process. In addition to seeing less turnover, our ATS allows us to post to multiple job platforms, including social media, to reach top-tier talent during a time when we are experiencing an employer economy.

Knowledgeable of your industry

When looking for the right staffing partner, the most important thing to consider is their knowledge of your industry. A knowledgeable staffing partner will help you save time by hiring employees who are not the best fit and spending money to fill the newly vacant role.

MVP staffing has a healthy pipeline of industry-specific, light industrial candidates. Our mission is to utilize our extensive industry knowledge to increase the profitability of our partners. Our technology has allowed us to quickly find candidates with backgrounds in manufacturing, warehouses, distribution centers, and more.

Our team has been servicing the manufacturing industry for over 20 years. Our recruiters are seasoned professionals whose primary focus is to staff and permanently place great employees with great companies.

Competitive advantage

With so much competition in the staffing industry, the best way to highlight your company’s success is through client testimonials. Giving a real look into the business relationship can attract new customers and potential applicants.

Since our inception, MVP has listened to our customers’ feedback and worked to be the leading partner that they need for their staffing needs. Our partners have used us as their trusted staffing partner for several years, and the majority of our inbound inquiries are referral-based. Our partners are vocal about how thoroughly satisfied they are with the high-quality services they receive from MVP.


Most staffing firms provide a variety of services to help companies with their staffing needs, but they may only focus on staffing. If a staffing firm can only offer temporary workers instead of assisting a company in building a successful team, turnover can be a massive problem shortly.

In addition to light industrial staffing, MVP also focuses on professional placement. We understand that personnel is personal, and connecting qualified individuals with hiring companies on a national level is our specialty.

Whether it be:

  • Contract
  • Contract to Hire
  • Direct placement

MVP staffing ​has been instrumental in providing an avenue that allows organizations to receive hands-on support and a scalable suite of back-office options. No matter the job, MVP is prepared to rise to the occasion. Looking to partner with a staffing partner that understands your business needs? Let MVP Staffing help you achieve your 2021 recruitment goals. Contact us today.

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