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How MVP Staffing Helps Jobseekers Get Hired Quickly

Thousands of Companies are Recruiting and MVP Staffing has the Tools to Get YouHired Quick

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Several businesses across the nation are in high growth mode and looking for qualified individuals to join their team. In fact, the federal reserve predicts the U.S economy to grow tremendously, considering the unemployment rate fell to​ 4.5 percent​ this year. As companies receive the OK to open their doors and produce at full service, they’re not only looking to recruit full-time workers, but most organizations put a plan in place to be prepared this year and are adding temporary employees to their team to maintain workflow.

Just as companies are working hard to build teams and retain talent, job seekers are doing their due diligence to find roles that pay well, treat them great and embrace modern technology to make their job search easier. This blog lays out the top reasons MVP Staffing is a great partner to have when hunting for new opportunities.

A skilled team of seasoned recruiters

MVP Staffing has been in the recruitment industry for well over a decade. We understand the ins and outs of staffing, and our team has put in place strategic recruitment strategies to ensure we connect with top talent and present them with employment opportunities they want. We pride ourselves on using a “whatever it takes” spirit to connect qualified individuals with hiring companies organically, based on skillsets. We fulfill each request with focus, speed, and efficiency whether we need to fill contract assignments, contract-to-permanent, and direct placement opportunities. We understand how important it is to get someone hired quickly, and we enjoy being the bridge to top-tier talent and organizations looking to recruit.

World-class technology to make life simpler

As your teammate, we aim to make the job search as simple as possible, which is why we’ve implemented state-of-the-art technology to help make finding the right job a stress-free process.Instead of scrolling through overpopulated job boards, job seekers can quickly download theMVP Staffing app to find a job in their industry and location. In addition to seamlessly finding roles, the MVP Staffing app also offers jobseekers the opportunity to opt into our referral program. If you decide not to apply, refer it to someone you know. This unique feature is the gift that keeps on giving. Our referral program gives you instant insight into how much you will receive for your referrals well as in-depth information into the role and requirements. Quickly share the position with family and friends with a touch of a button and get cash immediately.

We treat our people great

Although we provide staffing for companies, we still make sure our employees are in great hands. We find the best contracts and pay our employees well. Most companies we work with are looking for temp-permanent hires, resulting in opportunities to earn more if you stay with the company. We understand how important it is to instantly get paid for the work you’ve completed, which is why we process payroll weekly. We believe in work-life balance, which is why we do not allow employees to work back-to-back shifts and, in some cases, enable employees to choose their shift. Getting to and from work should be the least of a jobseekers concerns when starting a new role, which is why based on location, we provide transportation from a local branch or designated pickup spot.

MVP is here to help find the company that’s the best fit for you and your long-term career plans.Download our app and start looking for roles today!

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