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Safety Newsletter 2

Studies show that every seven seconds a workplace injury takes place and manufacturing is one of the top five industries with the largest number of workplace injuries. While reading, you will notice that the most important way to guarantee safety in the workplace is through communication. Use the tips shared in this blog to reduce the risk of minor and major injuries and ensure a good safety track record for your company.

Making the employees aware of what a safe workplace should look like, helps them know what to look out for when on the job. This simple task will prevent accidents before they happen, simply from being aware.

Conduct a thorough risk assessment

A risk assessment is crucial for any company in the manufacturing industry because it helps you stay cognizant of the hazards within the facility and helps with the discovery of repairs and equipment that is needed. Creating a safe work environment begins with a risk assessment to combat potential dangers and avoid any mishaps.

Prioritize housekeeping

Employees will adapt to their environment; If the they start in a clutter-free, organized environment, it’s easier to recognize when a workplace is messy and potentially dangerous. Wet work areas, spills and random power cords dangling from a surface, although normal during a busy workday, can all lead to a workplace accident. Guarantee your employees’ safety by keeping work areas free of clutter to avoid slips, falls or fires. 

Deliver consistent and adequate training

Employees at all levels possible, should know your facility’s safety protocol. No company is the same and not every device will operate like the other.  The national safety guidelines for the manufacturing industry are constantly changing in response to new gadgets being added to the industry every day. Stay ahead of the curve and provide periodic training to workers to prevent the misuse of tools and ensure only skilled workers are operating machinery.  Employees should also know how to handle equipment competently and carefully. A majority of injuries or fatalities happen because employees are unsure of how to use equipment or are not paying attention while operating equipment.

Administer regular workshops

Periodic workshops to discuss new equipment, introduce new safety protocols and promote conversation about any safety concerns or findings keeps everyone on the team on the same page and gives clarity on anything that may seem foreign to them. 

Share printed resources

Posting flyers and booklets throughout the workplace keeps employees up to date on safety in the facility and provides additional knowledge for workers. These materials can also act as a reference for machinery that may not be functioning properly and gives the team the opportunity to address any issues before an accident takes place. 

We genuinely care about our employees and want them to have a successful work experience free of accidents. Workplace safety will always be our first priority and the knowledge has allowed us to be successful in the manufacturing staffing industry. Happy and safe workers are more productive workers and in that situation everyone wins. Keep in mind that a company focused on the well being of their employees, produces more talented jobseekers, eager to work for the organization. 

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