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Six Unique Recruitment Strategies to Connect With Top Tier Talent

6 Ways to Creatively Attract Talent and Improve Candidate.

Are You Reaching The Best Talent? Try These Six Tips to Engage With QualifiedCandidates Creatively.

Despite the unemployment rate being over 6 percent, weeding through the talent pool and connecting with qualified candidates can be challenging. MVP Staffing put together six ways that HR professionals can creatively source and retain top tier talent.

  1. Partner With a Staffing Firm
    These days HR professionals are strapped for time. They overextend themselves posting jobs, engaging with talent, organizing hiring events, and more. They could use an extra set of hands. By partnering with an industry-specific staffing firm that understands your needs and has insight on the best platforms to find your specific audience instantly, companies gain exclusive access to the best talent. We live in a time where digital technology for recruitment allows us to cast the widest net and connect with active and passive candidates. Instead of spending hours sourcing through diluted resumes, duplicate candidates, and competing with millions of companies recruiting for similar positions, staffing firms have access to elite platforms to connect with qualified candidates within your niche. The right staffing partner will strategically use recruitment platforms and unique tactics to screen candidates thoroughly before adding them to their pipeline.
  2. Schedule Video Interviews
    As we continue to expand on digital technology, try implementing video interviews with future hires. Instead of a typical Zoom meeting, request candidates to upload an introduction video similar to an elevator pitch. Provide the candidate with interview questions that they can creatively answer in a manner of 5 minutes. This is less intimidating for the applicant, which gives the recruiter thought out answers to their interview questions.
  3. Opt in to Text Messaging Communication
    Marketing experts have confirmed that text messages have a ​98% higher read rate than emails. Connect with talent quicker by utilizing text messaging as a way to communicate with job seekers. Once a job seeker shows interest in learning more about your organization, automize a message to instantly reach out to them with the job description and a link to apply for the role. Make the messages personable. Begin building a relationship with the candidate that can keep them engaged throughout the entire hiring process. Send updates about their application, next steps, answer questions, and provide feedback.
  4. Utilize Social Media
    We can all agree that digital technology advances fueled the transition from desktop to mobile devices. More than​ 70 percent of Americans​ use social media, and the average adult spends more than 12 hours a day on a social media platform. Develop a strategy to engage with your ideal candidate by ​creating a social media presence for your organization.​ Allow candidates to understand your culture, values, impact, and brand. This is also a great place to advertise your open roles, encouraging active and passive job seekers to apply. Take it a step further by investing in interactive ads to promote on social media. Create engaging content like a video or skill set game to attract candidates. Be sure to include a link to your careers page to drive traffic to open job postings instantly.
  5. Create a Mobile App
    Allow the job search to be simple by building an app that acts as an ATS to maximize exposure. Some apps can automatically link to your website or social channel, making posting roles to multiple platforms quick and easy. Implementing an app to your hiring process provides speedy talent engagement and allows recruiters to communicate in real-time with candidates. Recruiters can opt into push notifications to stay up to date with each candidate throughout the hiring process. Apps also allow candidates to conduct a quick and efficient job search and stay up to date on new job opportunities or hiring events.
  6. Implement a Referral Program
    Referral programs allow businesses to gain additional exposure from current employees. Companies can retain talent by trusting their current employees to recruit loyal referrals that will stay with the company longer than six months. Your employees are a great source of new talent. Create ​a​ referral system that offers employees a bonus​ for any new hires that are referred. Be clear about what the parameters are and when an employer will pay a bonus. Your employees will refer their friends and family members if they love working for your company, which will further boost morale. In a competitive market, an employee referral system can make all the difference. By offering a reasonable bonus to the referrer, you save money by reducing the interview process to candidates that are more qualified.

MVP Staffing is your dedicated recruitment partner, focused on creating workforce solutions to make your job simpler. How can we help you retain talent? Check out our services​ and schedule some time to connect with us to discuss our partnership more in depth.

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