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As 2020 quickly approaches us, we decided to create a list of different staffing trends to look out for as the New Year rolls around.

Diversity and Inclusion

The topic this year, when it comes to recruitment, has been Diversity and Inclusion. From commercials made by Procter & Gamble to company-wide workshops within organizations, the need for more Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace is the tune. Each week there are new reports about the lack of women, minorities, or LGBTQ+ at facilities, and it has caused quite a conversation in the U.S.

This topic is so important to companies because it is a critical component of innovation. Customers are of every race, creed, gender, religion, etc. Having a diverse team to cater to the group of unique customers allows employees to speak their language.

As a way to combat this trend and continue the conversation positively, companies have started finding new ways to scout new talent like working with a staffing firm. Another thing they have started doing is hosting unconscious bias training to identify areas that could use improvement and become better teammates. There have even been companies arising that partner with more giant corporations to help with the diversity and inclusion aspect like Norify, a Chicago based company dedicated to diversity.

Digital Transformation

With technology continually improving, there are new ways to cast the widest net and meet with qualified candidates. Times have changed since CareerBuilder and Monster are the only way to find a job. Recruitment platforms like Ziprecruiter, UberWorks, and JobCase have changed the way job postings are displayed. Social media has also become a platform for recruitment, with sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. These sites advertise jobs and offer a community for active job seekers to communicate with hiring managers, recruiters, and other candidates in similar industries.

Staying up to date on the new hiring tools and recruitment platforms constantly emerging will help companies stay ahead of the curve. New tech companies are popping up every day across the country, and they’re creating different software to bring a human interaction for candidates going through the hiring process.

Just recently, Xor, a software company that has created an Al chatbot platform for recruiters and candidates, raised 8.4 million for their product. The program was designed to automate the onboarding process, paperwork filing, and job satisfaction. Xor was founded in 2016 and is expected to reach 1.23 Billion by 2025.


It’s no secret that the unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been since the 1960s. The United States currently has more open positions than people looking for jobs. The rise of employment has resulted in companies having to fight for talent.

To combat the issue of less qualified candidates, recruiters will need to come up with strategic strategies to gain the attention of passive candidates. Many companies have turned to staff firms that are specialized in their industry to help scout their ideal candidate.

On average, the economy has added 223,000 jobs per month. Although the amount of opportunity in the United States is excellent, the manufacturing industry is not doing the best, due to the trade war. If there is no product to produce, there is no need for jobs in the manufacturing industry. Last spring, there were 25,000 manufacturing jobs a month, and recently, the average fell to a few thousand.

Staying in the loop on trends in the recruitment industry will help companies attract qualified talent and find new resources to make their hiring process more straightforward.

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