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The Benefits of Temporary Staffing During The Holiday Season

As indoor shopping continues to decline surrounding the fear of covid-19, the safety and ease of e-commerce have influenced a new way to complete shopping needs. A solution to keep up with the peak of demand this holiday season is temporary staffing. Industrial staffing is more important now than ever for the manufacturing industry. However, as production needs continue to increase, employees begin to feel the pressure. ​The American Staffing Association ​​estimates that more than 3 million Americans are currently working for staffing companies. ASA also reported that staffing agencies had added more than 100,000 jobs across the country, and over 50 percent are temporary workers.Discover how maximizing the benefits of temporary staffing can result in company success.

Stay Prepared

If it’s one thing 2020 has taught us is the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. As we move through the fourth quarter, building a healthy pipeline of temporary employees is crucial to keeping a company afloat. Winter months typically result in more time off. In addition to standard time off for the holiday season, manager shave reported the ​increased absenteeism due to infection concerns and the inability to obtain reliable childcare during the pandemic.​ As schedules continue to change, temporary staffing is ideal for companies that need to bulk up hiring without increasing their payroll efforts.

Cut Down Company Cost

Although the manufacturing industry is thriving, the country is still in survival mode and looking for new ways to cut down on costs within their organization. As companies discuss budgets for 2021 and continue to work within current budget constraints, temporary workers provide a risk-free alternative to companies who need to hire quickly for the holidays. Bringing on a temp worker allows companies to opt into a cost-effective solution. More temporary assignments equal non -exempt statuses, and companies can free up healthcare costs by hiring an employee part-time before investing in a full year salary.

Monitor Supply Chain Distribution

To keep up with the demand this holiday season, companies need to move products quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, the candidate pool of qualified active job seekers continues to grow, allowing organizations to bring on highly skilled and trained workers to keep production lines steady. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate​ is currently 7.9 percent, a vast increase from 2019 when we experienced an applicant economy. Recruiters now have the opportunity to cast the widest net and screen top tier talent on the hunt for new opportunities. Partnering with an industry-specific staffing firm will enable companies to spend less time searching for qualified individuals and more time focused on reducing cycle time for consumers.

MVP Staffing

It all comes down to being prepared to prevent additional stress later in the future. ​We take care of benefits, sick leave, taxes, payroll, all of those things that usually employers are responsible for their permanent employees. MVP​ Staffing is your recruitment partner here to help companies get the job done this holiday season. Contact us today to learn more about our recruitment efforts.

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